Twistab is an innovative concept in auxiliary furniture created and produced in Barcelona, a 21st Century manufacturing technique combined with self-assembly. The collection includes different size stools and tables which can be custom made including options for different shapes and finishes. Inspired by a sustainable approach to design using quality raw materials like laminated, lacquered and natural finish plywood that will stand the test of time.

The premise of the system is the connection between the various parts of each piece of furniture. Anyone who has ever struggled to put a flat pack together is going to appreciate the simple slot and twist mechanism that ensures a strong and secure fit.  The manufacturing process is based on computer controlled milled panels of wood with laser etched finish, and completed by hand which makes each individual piece unique.

Sold as a flat-pack, no tools are necessary in order to assemble the Twistab collections. The stool consists of two legs that fit inside one another and a seat that twists into place. All of the parts are interchangeable, so that different versions can be created. Twistab’s goal is to achieve maximum sustainability using local raw materials.

Art director and industrial designer Isaac Pierre Racine is the author of the original concept, who works with Shashank Shrivastva, an architect and specialist in manufacturing digital prototypes. The two are also members of in Fab Lab Barcelona, part of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, an educational and research facility.