Mextizo is a restaurant located on one of Barcelona’s most effervescent culinary areas right now, between Balmes and Rambla Catalunya on Diputación. The interior design of this restaurant is by one of the most important figures of local design, Juli Capella (the architect of the Omm hotel among many other important buildings and interiors). Mextizo is a fusion of Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines, conceived by Adrián Marin previously of the renowned Drolma.

The interior design is conceived as a warm, comfortable ambience with an understated luxury that encourages conversation and social encounters. The space is organised from the street terrace, set back from the pavement to allow for a smoking area. The cocktail bar counter and seating area are located at the entrance with the dining area proper at the end of a timber clad corridor opening onto a small courtyard at the very back with views of the kitchen preparation area which is sandwiched between front and back. The dining area is the main space with a truncated pyramid ceiling detail inspired by the Aztec culture of Teotihuacan, seating is divided into corners with booths and more open areas so that the space feels intimate.

The interior design of a restaurant is always an aspect that influences diners when choosing a venue, especially so in a city like Barcelona where design is so highly regarded. “The most important thing about a restaurant, by order is: the food, the service, the price, the location … and at the end there is the design. Although I maintain that a good design makes food more appetizing, but especially the table, the conversation, the meeting and the enjoyment of the moment. That is, the design can favor, or ruin, a good meal. And undoubtedly design and gastronomy are increasingly related. The first helps to enrich the experience of the mere act of feeding us”, in the words of Capella.

The finishes and materials throughout are superior quality and exude both local crafts and exotic decoration, such as the cactus flower motif. Timber slats and panels, brass, marble, luxurious textiles and the luscious vegetation of the patio together with a sculpted lighting scheme create an atmosphere that one wants to send time in. The colour  scheme is defined by gold, white, beige and green.