The Eixample neighbourhood is filled with quirky shops and designer corners; hardware, pastries, gadgets, books, etc. etc. Even nowadays despite arrival of Mango, Zara and H&M the area is still worth exploring in order to find unique offers which are very often accommodated in beautifully crafted interiors. This recent project by the renowned interior design partnership Tarruella Trenchs (Tarruella Trenchs Studio) is for a local clothing company, Med Winds. The shop is located on Rambla de Catalunya 100 on the corner with Provenza the following is a description provided by the designers.

Med Winds, a clothing braMEDWINDS (11)nd founded in 2011, is characterized by its attention to detail, hand made processes and the use of natural local materials. Inspired by the millennial culture and history of the Mediterranean but with a young and fresh approach. The challenge of the interior design project was to express the wealth of detail and the essence of the brand within the latest shop in Barcelona.

The project emphasizes the use of natural materials such as oak, marble and fabrics like cottons and linens as well as leather in a combination of warm and complimentary colours. These elements produce a uniform space where emphasis is placed on the detailed design and furniture.

The existing organisation of the interior which is divided by structural walls into small rooms as well as the visible structural elements such as the beams and arches of the ceilings together with the masonry walls, stone facade and even the oak flooring, help provide a project of cozy spaces with a somewhat picturesque and romantic feel.

The shop is located in a basement on Rambla Catalunya, only just visible through two windows and a modest entrance door facing the ‘chaflan’. These openings are crafted using iron and iroko frames which allow passersby to see the ‘shop window’ located within the interior background so as not to interfere with the sight lines. Thus establishing a direct relationship between the pedestrian, product and the space.

The entranceMEDWINDS (7) space features recycled oak flooring with arched ceilings with a framed view of the main facade which becomes a display cabinet for the entire clothing. This is made up using different levels featuring mannequins suspended from the ceiling, other elements that are supported off the walls and a selection of products displayed on timber blocks placed on the floor.

The reception counter located next to the entrance door features recycled oak, while the main display cabinet for smaller elements and accessories is made from walnut. The shelving and hangers are made from a system of wooden oak slats tied together manually knotted leather strips. The hanging clothing and accessories are emphasized by a retro illuminated backdrop made from natural fabrics like cotton.

In this room, the use of planting and vegetation is included to evoke the freshness and naturalness so characteristic of the Mediterranean.